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Welcome to KRAZOOM

KRAZOOM is a new type of job search and application system. KRAZOOM makes it much easier and faster for job seekers and employers to find each other.

How KRAZOOM works

KRAZOOM works without keyword search. Instead job seekers find and apply to jobs by matching the requirements stated in the job posting. This allows employers a much faster and systematic review of all job applications.

Use of KRAZOOM leads to more interviews for job seekers.

Your benefits of using KRAZOOM:

  • Your job application will be reviewed. Guaranteed. There is no "black hole" on KRAZOOM.
  • Due to KRAZOOM's systematic review process candidates who match the requirements will get more interviews with employers.
  • Requirements you can match are stored in profiles. They are used to find you more job postings automatically.
  • KRAZOOM helps you customize your resume for every job you apply. While KRAZOOM gives you visibility with employers it is your resume that will get you interviews.